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Q: Did 2019 live up to your expectations?

A: It far exceeded them – it was tiring and stressful at times, but 100 per cent worth it! I never thought it would lead me to such things as tap dancing on the Breeze Radio and guest performing in a local club. The guidance of Jan Ruardy and Sacha Vee directed me to a place higher and faster than I could ever imagine. I am truly grateful to them both.

Q: What were some of the highlights of 2019?

A: My year kicked off with the Bread & Circus World Buskers Festival: 10 days of extreme heat and sore feet, but the experience lit a flame within me which led to more exciting things. I’ve performed and choreographed all over New Zealand including five consecutive weekends at SkyCity Auckland, the Super Rugby half-time finals performance as a dancer and tap choreographer and a tap performance with drummer Marc Hansen at the Canterbury Business Awards. Getting to work for Ali Rossiter’s Epic Entertainment has helped immensely towards my growth in performance and has given me the chance to gain even more exposure.

Q: Have you performed overseas at all?

A: Yes! Being scouted for the Italian TV Show Tu Si Que Vales was one of the strangest but somewhat fulfilling experiences in my performance career and it was an invigorating exposure to a whole new world. Even in my downtime, I hit the streets with tap shoes in hand and jammed with local buskers.

Q: You’ve been busy making YouTube videos … how has that been going?

A: Online videos are a way to bring the classical style of tap dance into today’s modern world. I like to explore tap dance while also drawing viewers’ attention to the beautiful sights of New Zealand. One video received a reaction by DJ Marshmello which grew to over three million views, which still sounds crazy to me!

Q: Are you involved with tap beyond the performance sphere?

A: I’m busy teaching regular classes around Christchurch. I’ve always had a strong passion to thoroughly educate students in the technicalities of tap and I believe it is important to share and encourage a love of dance.

Q: What are your plans for 2020?

A: Finishing 2019 with a guest spot at SkyCity’s New Year’s VIP Show made me feel excited for what’s in store. I can’t wait to get stuck into 2020!

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