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Paint colours fall roughly into two styles – muddy and clear. Most successful blue schemes are based on muddied, muted colours as they are softer on the eye and easier to live with, while brighter cleaner tones are great for small accents of colour to inject a bit of energy.

Blue is often considered to be a clean colour so works well in wet areas like that of bathrooms and laundries, but certain shades of blue can relax, soothe and make us feel calm, opening it up to be used widely throughout the home.

A Blue for Every Occasion

Soft grey blues with a blend of green, like Resene Duck Egg Blue, or Resene Half Emerge used with soft sand tones give a relaxed seaside feel. Deep moody blues are rich and sophisticated, framing a beautiful view through a window – try Resene Indian Ink or Resene Dark Side.

Easy classic blues, like Resene Breeze or Resene Half Dusted Blue, teamed with a vintage white and pretty sorbet shades are comforting and inviting.

Surprise pops of bright blue in Resene Endeavour or Resene Tomorrow add an impact and demand attention, but use sparingly!

For Cape Cod blues try Resene Periglacial Blue or Resene Madison teamed with chalky whites and natural textures for a luxury coastal retreat.

Resene Colour Consultant Honor Moore Resene Colour Consultant Honor Moore is passionate about the difference colour, paint and wallpaper can make to a home. If you have a paint, colour or wallpaper query, visit your Resene ColorShop for expert advice, or book an appointment with a Resene Colour Expert online.