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Like all purchases, there are a number of things to consider when it comes to buying power tools – the first being suitability for the job at hand. Make sure you consider the features and benefits included in the specific tool you are considering buying to get the job done: do you need trade quality with all the bells and whistles or will a basic handyman DIY range version do the job just as well? It pays to note that a domestic warranty is not covered for trade use, so make sure you purchase tools that are strong enough to handle what you are using them for.

You also need to think about the big picture. Will you be using more than one tool in the future? If so, it could work out more cost effective to purchase a kit than one tool at a time.

Consider your existing tools, including garden tools, as power tool batteries can be interchangable, so buying your new tool from the same brand may be the way to go. While corded tools can sometimes be cheaper, cordless tools can be a safer, more versatile option.


Jobmate Angle Grinder - MItre 10 Ashburton

This is another versatile tool that can do a variety of jobs simply by changing out the accessories or wheel. You can cut tiles, pavers and bricks, remove rust from outdoor furniture or paint from metal, sharpen blades and cut and grind metal surfaces. A 4-inch grinder will take care of most jobs. Sparks and debris will fly so wear safety gear!


Jobmate Drill - MItre 10 Ashburton

Consider power, speed, battery type, cord or cordless and of course comfort when buying. Drills with 12–18 Volts power meet most home needs and one with variable speed lets you drill into different materials and gives better control.


Jobmate Jigsaw - MItre 10 Ashburton

A jigsaw is very handy for cutting curves and patterns. Make sure you’ve got the right blade as different materials require different blades, so stocking up on a few types is a good idea.


Jobmate Multi-tool - MItre 10 Ashburton

A must for every tool kit. So much can be done with just this one handy tool. You can sand, grind, remove grout, cut and more just by swapping out the attachment.


Jobmate Circular Saw - MItre 10 Ashburton

Handheld saws make light work of cutting wood, metal, or plastic to size. It’s accurate and you can set it to cut specific depths and create bevels. The 8-inch blade is the most common size and suitable for most home jobs. They’re powerful so take care when operating – safety goggles are a must.

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