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Ski racing took a young Mickey Ross around the world, including a scholarship to an American university and the 2006 Winter Olympics. With a career in design but a camera always in hand, his talent soon led him to become one of the most in-demand photographers in the South Island, travelling internationally to shoot weddings, commercial campaigns and adventure projects from his Wanaka base.

It’s Mickey’s personal adventures that form his collection of limited edition fine art prints. His ability to find surreal landscapes and quirky moments of friction between the material and natural world has been transformed into works of art beyond the norm. He seems to have a homing beacon for forgotten corners that offer intrigue in what would be mostly unnoticed normalcy.

Mickey’s growing collection undoubtedly offers options for art lovers seeking attractive but ‘look again’ works to enjoy in their homes. Photographic art can provide a fascinating point of difference in a space, either mixed in with paintings for a rich, contrasting display, or standalone, offering a sense of escapism.

Photographer Mickey Ross

Mickey Ross’s limited edition prints can be found online at

Julia Atkinson-Dunn of Studio Home is a home and garden writer with a big art problem. In late 2018 she launched her ART HOUSE pop-up project, focused on displaying beautiful NZ artworks in a less intimidating, domestic environment. The success of the art shows led to the launch of a growing online art gallery where she strips back the formalities of the traditional gallery model to introduce art to audiences from the comfort of their homes. @studiohome,