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Pots have long had a place in our homes. The perfect solution for those with a small outdoor space, or for creating a welcoming entranceway, they are versatile and functional and the ideal forum to express your personality. Be it for inside or out, the range of paint effects available on the market provides you with plenty of scope when it comes to jazzing up a pot or two in your home. Here are our top picks to get you started…

Resene Terracotta Sealer
Resene Terracotta Sealer will seal the surface of your terracotta pot inside and out and imparts excellent water beading properties, so if you wish to leave the pot in its original terracotta colouring, this will help keep it looking good for longer. It is also the ideal basecoat when overcoating with Resene decorative topcoats so you can add your own decorative flair to terracotta pots, statues and ornaments.

Resene Rust Effect
Resene FX Faux Rust Effect will bring a rustic, rust-style effect to your outdoor pots. Once applied, it provides you with the aesthetic effect of rusting that, like normal rust, will continue to develop as the coating ages. The end result is dependent on the application technique used and I would recommend experimenting on a broken pot or spare piece of primed timber before proceeding with your final piece. Rough, random brushstrokes will add texture and repetitive water misting will increase the depth of colour.

Resene Resitex, Resene Sandtex and Resene Paint Effects Medium
Paint on texture with Resene Resitex and Resene Sandtex. Resene Resitex can be applied smoothly with hues such as Resene Foggy Grey or Resene Double Concrete to create a raw, concrete look while layering a variety of testpots over thick brushstrokes of Resene Sandtex will result in an organic feel. For a washed, beachy look try colours such as Resene Half Stack, Resene Fuscous Grey and Resene Emerge.

Resene FX Chalkboard Paint
Chalkboard paint isn’t limited to just black! For a citrus boost paint your pots in a variety of FX Chalkboard hues such as Resene Wild Thing, Resene Billy T and Resene Sunrise. Use chalk to make creative labels on your freshly painted pots and keep track of your herb garden.