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Round glasses (pictured above) are destined for the free-spirited woman. Appropriate for all occasions, there are some stunningly beautiful fine metal frames which are considered discreet and elegant while also being trendy and modern. Women with square features should opt for the round or oval glasses as the roundness of the frame will soften the jawline, enhancing your feminine look.

Tortoise Shell

These frames, also know as horn-rimmed glasses, have been a bestseller in women’s eyewear for a few years and their popularity shows no sign of slowing down. Tortoise shell glasses can be worn in any setting and with any outfit. They are a versatile style, which aims to boost your look and give you confidence. As far as frames for women go, there is nothing more attractive than a pair of horn-rimmed glasses. With the tortoise shell pattern, you only have to consider the shape of your frames. Try using shapes that are opposite to that of your own face and you will shine.

Tortoise shell glasses   


Cat-eye glasses are, and always will be, a symbol of femininity. Styled by the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, beautifully designed cat-eye frames have a retro look that makes a woman look sexy, intelligent and mysterious. Those with a diamond-shaped face, a narrower forehead and chin, will find this style is the one for you as cat-eye frames are wide so they work perfectly together. You should also know that cat-eye glasses will draw your face upwards so they are literally the glasses that make you look younger. This style can also work miracles if you’re dressed in an eye-catching colourway.

Cats Eye Glasses   


Clear glasses are one of those cool styles that you can’t go wrong with. They have a unique way of bringing light to your face and complementing facial features. Square and rectangular clear frames go best with oval and round faces because they flatten the features and balance the face. Because the frame is clear, it will contrast beautifully with warmer olive skin tones.


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