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The Honour Festival, designed to honour mind, body and planet, has been established to empower people and provide a connection with a broader community. ‘I feel like the time is right for us, people, to come together and celebrate all the good things we can do for ourselves and our planet,’ explains organiser Olivia Reid.

‘Not only have we been dealing with a pandemic and all the uncertainty and upheaval that comes with that, but we are under more and more pressure to look at the impact of climate change face on. I am really excited that I’m able to do something positive that a lot of people can get some joy from. It’s probably also worth saying that it isn’t activism based or aggressive in any way – quite the opposite.’

The festival combines outdoor yoga classes, live music, inspiring talks, stalls with ethical and sustainable products, cooking demonstrations and food and beverage options – including wine and beer. All those contributing have met specific criteria to be able to be involved.

Olivia says the festival is designed for people who like to learn about how small decisions can make them feel good about their contributions to their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of the planet. ‘Change starts at home and there are so many wonderful people following an ethical path and making small but impactful changes by the choices they make. The festival is bringing some of these talented and passionate people together in one place, so others can come and be inspired and learn from them.

‘We are also hoping that people will come along just to enjoy the atmosphere of live music, food and beverage in a stunning setting. We have a complimentary shuttle running from Hanmer, so it’s nice and stress-free.’

In her day-to-day life Olivia runs Pulse Yoga, based in Hanmer and online, and raises two young children with her husband and artist Ben Reid.

The festival, honouring mind, body and planet will take place on 27 February 2021, at Amuri Estate, high on the Hanmer River Terrace, with a stunning uninterrupted view of the Southern Alps.

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