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Top row: Face A Face, Hally Hansen. Bottom row: Kaleyedoscope, Wayne Cooper

A new pair of glasses can be anything you want it to be: classy and refined, bold and beautiful, quirky and adventurous. Regardless of the style you’re after, they must make you look and feel great. It is vital that you absolutely love them!

The dispensing optician will consider what you are using your new glasses for and will often recommend multiple pairs. With shoes, you don’t wear your high heals to the gym or in the garden. With frames, it may be that you need a work-specific pair and a pair for outside of work. You may require prescription sunglasses. Or, sick of wearing the same pair every day, you may want an alternative look to match your wardrobe.

Try some different colours and see how they work with your skin tone and hair colour. You may be pleasantly surprised by how much the colour of a frame can affect the overall look.

Finally, find something you are going to love wearing. Don’t rush your purchase; take your time and enjoy the experience.

Your dispensing optician will encourage you to try something different – something you may not try otherwise. Remember, we know faces and will help you find what’s right for you, in terms of your lifestyle, the look you’re after, and your face shape.

Frame Facts
There are three golden rules around face shape and bone structure to consider when selecting your new frames.

Eyebrow Line

The top of the frame should caress the eyebrow line and should also follow the natural curve of your eyebrows. If you have a curved eyebrow line, you should go for a softer, curved shape for the top of the frame. This will bring symmetry and balance to the frame/face.


The frame should come down to the top of your cheekbones, filling the central third of your face. The shape of the lower part of the frame will influence the appearance of your jawline. If you have a rounder jawline, try a straighter edge to square off your natural curve.

Width of Cheek/Jaw

The frame width should be in line with your cheekbones and follow your natural shape towards your jaw. Frame width is important when it comes to the fit: too narrow and it will cause ridges and slip down; too wide and it will still slip down.

Vanessa Cumming

Vanessa Cumming

Dispensing Optician

Canon Street Optometrists dispensing optician, Vanessa Cumming has an understanding of and passion for all things optic and loves sharing her skills and knowledge.