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What is joinery?

Joinery is the manufacturing of large interior components within the home. These range from kitchens, pantries, wardrobes, studies and storage solutions. Originally only using wood, joinery has expanded to a multitude of different materials such as MDF, melamine, laminate, acrylic and stone.

Whether you are upgrading or starting afresh, joinery is a large investment for most people and with these spaces being used every day, the importance of getting it right is high. Layout is the most important consideration as you want to ensure your joinery is highly functional and working hard to maximise the efficiency of the space, whether this is the kitchen or wardrobe. Your joinery is long lasting so you want it to suit the purpose, while being timeless.


Why should I consider bespoke design?

Consider the kitchen – this is where your day begins and ends, where entertaining happens and where family gather together, truly the heart of the home. So you want it to perform for you – to make life easier not harder. We like to understand how you plan to use and interact with the space and the role you want it to play in your home. From there we design, manufacture and install a unique solution to meet your needs and space.

Everyone uses their kitchen differently. We make sure to ask the right questions, and ensure your budget is catered for too, while creating wow factor.

What should I never compromise on?

High-quality products and storage. It is important that you have too much room rather than not enough. From cabinet and drawer selection in the kitchen to rails and stackers in the wardrobe, we make sure you have enough room for your requirements. Our joinery is made in-house with locally-produced materials and high-end European hardware, ensuring your design is made-to-measure just for you.

Whether we are crafting joinery for a project in Invercargill, Christchurch, Wellington or Auckland, all our joinery is manufactured and assembled in our Kaiapoi factory.

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