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Sith a definite chill in the air and the crunch of frostbitten grass underfoot, it’s the time of year when we start to appreciate the power of a high functioning window treatment. Today’s interiors celebrate the potential of drapes – to be the true heroes of a room and to contribute to the ambience and overall feel. Custom-made drapery may, at first, seem costly; however there are some key factors to consider when it comes to making sure you get the very best return from your investment.

Visual Effects

Window treatments have a significant impact on the overall look and design of a room. Designers from all over the world are creating highly functional fabrics that blur the lines between material and art. One exciting collection released this season is a range from artist Emma J Shipley, which juxtaposes deep velvets and neon prints. Emma’s hand-drawn prints are exotic in theme, and offer a thrill for the senses. Imagine the marriage of earthy mustards, tangerine orange and deep sapphires.

The ‘perfect’ window treatment comes down to your personal tastes and preferences with consideration to the style of your home. Are you drawn to the softness of velvet, the rawness of linen or the glamour of a metallic sheer? The possibilities are endless.

Full-length curtains – from above your window frame to the floor – not only look gorgeous, but function better as cold air is trapped behind the drape. With a full
drape you also create the impression of a higher stud as it draws your eye up and creates drama.

Fabrics depicted are from the Animalia Collection by Emma J Shipley for Clarke & Clarke, available from Maree Hynes Interiors.

The Basics

Although many modern homes have double glazing, which certainly helps to keep interiors warmer, curtains have the capacity to lend softness, texture, pattern and colour to a space. And, when it comes to how they function, what goes on behind the scenes is just as important.

Linings play a huge role in ensuring that the curtains function just as well as they look. There are many lining options available, so consider the room’s purpose. For example, the primary function of thermal lining is to insulate a room; however as technology has evolved linings have too. Linings can now also dampen sound: noise is absorbed through the lining, creating a peaceful environment.

Ultraviolet Protection is another quality most reputable lining brands are now offering. Although far from our minds at this time of year, protecting the contents of our home and the fabric we have invested in from the harsh rays of the New Zealand sun is important. Ultraviolet Protective Factor (UPF) linings are the perfect option.

The Benefits

Energy bills are significantly reduced when you include linings for your new curtains. Internal window coverings are used to trap a layer of still air between the glass surface and covering, reducing heat flow (and loss) through the glass. When measured and fitted correctly, you can expect savings of up to 40 per cent on your heating costs.

Choosing the right window treatment can be daunting, with such a plethora of options available. Get it done right with a professional who can take into consideration your location, budget and style. There are many curtain companies and interior designers that specialise in providing these services, some offering free measures and quotes, along with the full package – from design, to measure,
to installation.

Keeping in mind these key factors, you can have drapes that not only function to satisfy your needs, but that offer a glimpse into your style and personality.

Maree Hynes

Maree Hynes

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With a love of colour and texture Maree offers colour consultancy through to the complete interior design and furnishing of your home or office.

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