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There are many advantages of choosing to get custom-made curtains for your home. No longer do you have to put up with inferior see-through linings, curtains that don’t quite get to the floor like a short pair of trousers, or curtains that look pathetic in their attempt to reach the other side of the window frame. By using an experienced curtain consultant you benefit from a personal service unique to you as you are working with someone who can not only come into your home and recommend what is the best option for your window size, location and function, but can offer a design point of view that you may not have considered before.

With a custom drape it can be hard to accept the additional cost involved and many wonder if the investment is worth it. When you get a curtain made especially for your window there are plenty of benefits. In the colder winter months we all strive to keep the warmth in that we have invested money in creating. By using a top-quality thermal lining you create a barrier between the icy air beyond and the toasty heat inside, thus saving money. You can also entrap more heat by going slightly above the frame and to the floor.

If you haven’t got double glazing, another option is to add a further layer in the form of interlining or bumph. Bumph is a soft flannel-like layer that is sewn between the face fabric and the lining of window treatments, like the down/polyfill in a duvet inner. Yet another way you can save precious heat and money.

Your curtain consultant also has access to a fabulous world of fabrics. Whether you’re drawn to retro geometrics, nautical stripes, textured plains, floral or tartan, you can be assured you will find a fabric to suit your design aesthetics and tastes. Something else you don’t get in off-the-rack options.

Often the cheaper alternatives of blinds and curtains may seem easy on your wallet, but in a short period of time they can disintegrate, break or fall apart. With a custom-made drape you can get years of enjoyment due to the quality workmanship. As the curtains are made carefully by hand, and usually the pleating also, you get a beautiful drape on the curtains and a superior finish on the curtain tape.

If curtains aren’t your style then a curtain consultant can over you blind options. Roller blinds are excellent in kitchens and bathrooms as they can be removed and scrubbed if need be, and have a sleek modern feel which many new builds opt for.

Duette or Honeycomb blinds are ideal for trapping the heat in with ingenious cell technology and have the added bene t of having a sleek and minimal profile. Blinds are also a great option if you don’t have much room on the outside of the window frame. By having an inside t, you can keep the walls free for added art or furniture placement. Blinds are measured with a laser so you can be guaranteed a perfect fit every time.

You can be assured that by investing in custom-made window treatments and enlisting the help of an experienced curtain consultant or company, you will have a tailored, high-quality finish that you can enjoy for many years.

Maree Hynes is a specialist interior designer with a love of colour and texture. She offers colour consultancy through to the complete interior design and furnishing of your home or office.

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