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Surrounded by the smell of freshly-baked fudge and gorgeous candles in Kitchen Kapers, browsing for homeware has never been so inspiring.

For Rachael Redmond and her family, setting the scene and providing a warm, inviting space in which customers can experience their items has been at the core of their offering since they opened The China Shop, forty years ago.

Established by Rachael’s mother-in-law, Shirley, The China Shop was to be the first of three stores. Ten years later they opened Kitchen Kapers and more recently added a Swarovski boutique into The China Shop – a one of a kind in New Zealand.

‘China was a passion of Shirley’s,’ explains Rachael, ‘and this traditional china now sits alongside crystal, handpainted ceramics and collector pieces.’ While the range [across the stores] has changed over the years, their dedication to quality and customer service has never wavered. ‘We love building relationships, both with our suppliers and our clients,’ continues Rachael. ‘We know the creative story behind each of our pieces, which our customers love.’

Describing the detail that goes into handcrafting the range of decorated ceramics in Kitchen Kapers, it is clear that Rachael’s passion is similar to that of Shirley’s: beautiful things for house, home and self. ‘I love introducing new items into the store,’ she explains. ‘It means we are always able to provide people with something new.’ Add to this Kitchen Kapers’ ability to serve cups of tea, culinary treats and inspiration in the form of an extensive recipe collection, and each visit to the Ashburton Arcade is sure to be unique.

IMAGE Hazel Redmond