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Where in the past we have brought you two education specials a year, 2020 sees a combination of our head student and principal features, to bring you a unique insight into those leading some of our most prestigious schools and the visions they have for their school community in the year ahead.

Ashburton College

Principal – Ross Preece

There is much excitement both within our College and the entire Mid Canterbury community, with planning for our major rebuild well in progress. The decision to rebuild was made because of our current and expected roll growth over the next 10 years, and the age and design of our buildings. Currently Ashburton College’s roll is 1200-plus but the planning is for an expected peak of 1600 students. An architectural firm, which specialises in school builds, has been awarded the contract to construct the Master Plan with this due to be completed by mid-year. As a College we are able to have significant input into the planning process and we are very conscious of providing an educational facility to prepare our graduates for very different future employment options.

The key to future success will not be around the acquisition and retention of knowledge, because the sum of the world’s knowledge is available to all of us on any digital device. There are a set of skills and dispositions that are essential for the future. These include: creative problem-solving, curiosity, resiliency, collaboration, communication and thinking. Much of this collaboration will involve digital connections, however great people skills will still be essential. As a College we have begun the process of transforming our curriculum to foster these future skills and dispositions. The introduction of an ‘Innovation’ stream in both Years 9 and 10 is a significant development towards preparing our students for a different future. Because of our roll size we are able to offer innovation or traditional streams for our students to choose from. We are also well-positioned to take advantage of the future changes to NCEA that are pending for 2022 and beyond.

Over the last six months there has been a total restoration of the carvings which adorn our Whare. We take much pride in the fact that we have the best carvings of any school in the South Island. The initial carvings were crafted by Master Carver Vince Leonard and were in place by 1997. Being exposed to the elements for 20-plus years had obviously taken its toll on these taonga. This year, we were extremely fortunate to secure the services of Damian Peeti who led the restoration programme. The carvings have now been reinstated and are looking magnificent. Damian had been an assistant of Vince on the original project and his restoration work has been meticulous.
Whilst there has been plenty of consideration given to our future, we continue to emphasise our three core Values of Quality, Pride and Respect, which will always remain as a valued commodity for all communities.

Head Students

Henry Chapman & Poppy Kilworth

We are more than grateful to be working alongside our Deputy Head Students Maria Costas and Kyle Cabangun; fellow senior student leaders; and the College community as a whole for the year of 2020.

At Ashburton College the opportunities are endless, so we are honoured that we get to experience these first-hand. As leaders at Ashburton College we are looking forward to assisting in the success of others, growing as a school and encouraging our fellow students. Students at Ashburton College have a range of talents across academic, sporting and cultural fields, resulting in the year’s outcomes being limitless.
Keeping in mind that there is a major rebuild of Ashburton College scheduled for the future, we want our main focus to be on the students, rather than facilities, and what we can do to make 2020 the best year possible for them. As well as focusing on the student body we, as a Head Student team, would like to connect closer with the Ashburton community, forming tighter bonds with our locals.

Approaching the year with a ‘what you put in, is what you get out’ attitude, we can ensure that 2020 is going to be a year to remember.

New Student Q&A

Year 9 Students River Fuluasou, Mōana Moore, Jaren Munn and Ruby Robinson said that for them, as newcomers to College, they enjoyed:
+ meeting many new people and making new friends from different schools and backgrounds
+ reconnecting with friends from 
their former school
+ having staff members who were also new, understanding where new students ‘were at’
+ all their teachers, who were 
‘really nice’
+ their Ako teachers, and introductions in their Ako class saying it was ‘fun’ 
to learn about other people
+ their subjects and choice subjects.

What they liked about College was:
+ the variety of education and 
different subjects to choose from, whether Innovation or Traditional Subject stream
+ being able to be on the lighting and sound team, part of the Peter Pan play, singing, piano or choir
+ looking forward to Orientation Day to view other activities/groups available.

Ashburton College’s 
Three Pillars of Excellence are: 
Exceptional Learning, 
Exemplary Citizenship 
and Exciting Opportunities.


Christchurch Girls’ High School
Te Kura O Hine Waiora

Principal – Christine O’neill

As we head into a new year and a new decade, Christchurch Girls’ High School / Te Kura o Hine Waiora is charting a new vision. The time is opportune as we are required to deliver an Education Brief for our rebuild solution about which we expect to receive news this term. The Brief is a blueprint for what teaching and learning will look like in order to equip our students to flourish in a future world.

As the world rapidly changes our vision is to empower and inspire the development of 21st-century lifelong learners by providing a passionate learning environment with diverse opportunities, experiences and authentic relationships to enable learners to flourish, celebrate achievement, contribute to our world and become ‘tomorrow’s inspired leaders today’.

Our values have been developed as touchstones for the future and recognise the dual heritage of New Zealand. Through manaakitanga students and staff respect each other and are generous towards each other. They support one another and this is reciprocated. The environment is warm and caring and everyone is treated with dignity. In valuing whanaungatanga a strong sense of belonging is developed through students and teachers working together. Students and staff feel connected and positive relationships are fostered. Challenges and successes are shared and personal achievements are celebrated.

By showing aroha students and staff show empathy and concern for others. They have an understanding of the world and people beyond their own circumstances, giving service and acting with decency. In developing rangatiratanga students and staff stand tall and proud. They have courage and strength of character to do what is right, facing challenges and change with confidence. Mana is demonstrated in relationships between and within staff and students.

Christchurch Girls’ High School /
Te Kura o Hine Waiora has a strong history and tradition having been founded in 1879 well before women got the vote in New Zealand. In that tradition is a brave counter-cultural stance and we encourage our students to become strong women who can take their place confidently in the future world, have a voice for others less advantaged and contribute back to society.

Millicent Baxter, mother of James K Baxter and daughter of Helen Macmillan Brown, a founding principal, said of growing understanding of conscientious objection to WWI: ‘It moved me right out of my shell into the open, and in the open I have remained, looking into things, and questioning them.’ This is the progressive voice with which the school takes its place in the future of this city as well as having an important place in its history.

Head Girl

Isla Clarkson

As Head Girl for 2020, along with my Deputies, Head of Acland and the Prefect team, we plan to reinvent student culture by emphasising the importance of empowerment, connection and success.

With a modern mindset and focus on a progressive future for Christchurch Girls’ High School / Te Kura o Hine Waiora, we aim to empower students through ensuring hauora, motivation and passion and by highlighting our counter-cultural foundership which proves that our tradition is innovation.

Young women at our school have rangatiratanga and are a valuable voice in society. Acknowledging our collective potential as a group of 1200 passionate girls will be a key focus for the year.
The word ‘connection’ is of significance to us because it encapsulates the ideas of connecting with ourselves, each other, our school roots, and our world.

Christchurch Girls’ High School/ Te Kura o Hine Waiora is very proud to be a school of academic success. However, it is additionally important – and thus a goal of the student leaders – to showcase a range of successes beyond the curriculum, and to enforce that every student achieves at their own personal best, regardless of marks and numbers.

First and foremost, the Prefects and I want to be viewed by the younger year groups as both approachable fellow students and role models who spread aroha and create a vibrant, inclusive environment.

Craighead Diocesan School

Principal – Lindy Graham

Craighead Diocesan School first opened as a school for girls in May 1911, with six boarders and 11 day girls. Now, in 2020, the school has grown, adapted and changed. Craighead has evolved into a progressive, high performing school serving a wide geographic region. It is big enough to offer a wide range of opportunities in the arts, culture, academia, and sports but still small enough to retain a strong sense of community and belonging.

State-integrated since 1980, Craighead offers a values-based Christian education in the Anglican tradition. It has the advantage of providing both a modern learning and living experience, based in Timaru.
As a leading secondary school in South Canterbury, Craighead’s main goal is to inspire and support its students to achieve their own personal excellence, whatever that might be.

The Year 13 Student Leaders for 2020 have chosen the phrase ‘Be Bold’ for their overarching theme. They recognise the need for today’s young women to be the leaders of tomorrow; to be creative and innovative, resourceful, collaborative yet grounded. So, how are we supporting their vision to be bold?

First of all, academic excellence is a priority. However, relationships are also key to thriving as a member of a school community. Students must feel a sense of connectedness and belonging. This year, the school has introduced vertical whānau groups. The ‘big sisters’ are relishing the relationships with their younger peers – and having a lot of fun together.

Secondly, today’s young people are facing numerous challenges associated with technology. Girls in particular are susceptible to the impact of social media. Most schools have noticed an associated increase in anxiety. With our commitment to student wellbeing, we have placed a restriction on access to mobile phones during school hours. The immediate effect of this initiative is in seeing, and hearing, more face-to-face connection between students during break times.

Thirdly, the school maintains its focus on its core business – teaching and learning. In addition, mindful of preparing young women for the global world, Craighead offers a future focus programme to its junior students based on the STEAM subjects. Girls are able to choose which areas they wish to delve into, opting (with guidance) for whatever suits their passion or interests.

Craighead continues to evolve as a relevant, dynamic school of choice for those families who desire a single sex Special Character education within a family atmosphere. Come along and see what Craighead might offer your daughter – you would be very welcome to attend our Open Day on 17 May 2020.

Head Girl

Milly Ford

Craighead Diocesan School Head Girl Milly Ford

I am very humbled to be given the opportunity to lead such an exceptional school in my fifth and final year at Craighead Diocesan. When I walked through the school gates four years ago, I never envisioned walking away surrounded by a sisterhood that continues to grow day by day. The smaller school atmosphere enables students to strengthen their support network, by forming friendships both within and beyond their own Year level.

Whether it be on the sporting field or playing an instrument, in a committee or volunteering, Craighead has an abundance of opportunities that ensure everyone’s needs are met. Therefore, through this year’s theme ‘Be Bold’ we encourage students to embrace what Craighead has to offer. The theme invites students to reach outside their natural comfort zones and enhance their contribution and involvement in class and in the wider community. I am certain that Craighead provides a positive and supportive learning environment that will assist students in putting this theme to practice. I hope that through this common focus students can grow even further through the challenges encountered and their shared experiences.

I am extremely pleased to have Deputy Head Girl Emma Jarvie and my supportive group of Year 13s by my side as I make every effort to fulfil my role.

At a Glance

Our Mission Statement – To inspire and support the pursuit of personal excellence.
Our Vision – We will provide a nurturing, innovative learning and living environment which will empower students to be confident, resilient 
and courageous contributors to a dynamic world.
Our School Motto – ‘Coeli Gratia Superabo’ – ‘By the grace of heaven 
we shall overcome’.

Some Key Dates:
17 May Open Day 2–4 pm
30 May Year 7 & 9 Boarder 2021
places offered
1 June Year 7 Daygirl 2021 places offered
1 July Year 9 Daygirl 2021 places offered
14 August Big Sing Cadenza – Craighead
21 October Craighead Sports 
Awards Assembly
22 October Senior Music Cup
16–20 November Year 8 Camp
30 November – 4 December Year 10 Camp
7 December Senior Student & Staff Christmas Dinner
8 December Year 13 Final Chapel Service
9 December Carol Services, 
St Mary’s Church Timaru
10 December End of Year Prize-giving

Geraldine High School

Principal – Simon Coleman

Welcome to Geraldine High School, situated in the picturesque and bustling tourist and agribusiness town of Geraldine.
Good relationships are an integral part of student success at Geraldine High School and are highly valued by all within our school – by our staff, our board, our students, their families and our wider community.

We have an enviable reputation of delivering excellent and comprehensive wellbeing care which ensures all our students, from Year 7 to 13, feel a real sense of belonging, engagement and support, as well as having the opportunity to develop important qualities such as confidence and resilience. This school culture is achieved through numerous initiatives delivered by both staff and outside agencies and is supported by our fantastic wellbeing school leaders such as our Wellbeing Deans, Career and Academic Deans, Vertical Form teachers, Guidance Counsellor and our Social Worker.

While there is a distinctive rural and family feel to our school, our ongoing and progressive building development programme ensures our learning facilities and environments are excellent. Students at Geraldine High School have teachers who are professional, collaborative, forward thinking and of an extremely high calibre.

Our school is the heart of our community and we have a long history of forging strong connections with our district which are purposeful and relevant. Many of our teaching and learning takes full advantage of our fantastic natural environment, our supportive community and the strong and positive relationships we have established with those involved in a variety of outdoor pursuits, agriculture, business and community organisations.

With less than 650 students it is still possible for teachers to know every student well. This knowledge and understanding enables our staff to focus on continually improving academic achievement and to provide meaningful teaching and learning opportunities for every student.

These occur in the classroom, through a vast array of sporting and cultural activities, and through our specialist teaching and learning programmes such as Outdoor Education and Primary Industries Academy.

This shared focus positively impacts on our students’ academic achievements, making their learning experiences relevant and meaningful throughout their journey at Geraldine High School and beyond. Come and see for yourself – we would be delighted to show you around our school.

Head Students

Jamie Roberts & Charlotte Stack

Geraldine High School Head Students Jamie Roberts Charlotte Stack

A school full of opportunities is how this year’s Head Students, Jamie Roberts and Charlotte Stack, describe their experiences at Geraldine High School. Both students started in Year 7 and have first-hand knowledge of the many aspects of school life on offer for all students, whether they be academic, sporting or cultural.

‘Geraldine High School is a place where we can all grow as people, forming positive relationships with our peers and staff along the way,’ they say. This is particularly appropriate given the school’s theme for the year is Inclusion. ‘Our theme of inclusion this year is around involving all students and staff at Geraldine High School as one.’ 

Head Girl Charlotte credits her time at Geraldine High School as a fantastic opportunity to grow and excel academically and to develop her leadership skills. While studying a wide range of subjects, Charlotte is also a keen sportsperson. ‘The opportunities at Geraldine High School in sport have been something I’ve cherished as they have helped me become more confident and have helped me build a great work ethic.’
It is a sentiment shared by Head Boy Jamie. ‘The diverse range of subjects, as well as the many extracurricular opportunities at Geraldine High School is something everyone should try to make the most of.’ One such opportunity saw Jamie take part in an exchange programme in Argentina. ‘It really showed me how different schools can be, and how lucky we are to have the facilities we have here.’

Both students feel very honoured to have been appointed Head Students for 2020 and they are looking forward to working alongside their Deputy Head students, other members of the school’s student executive, and the wider school community this year.

Medbury School

Headmaster – Ian Macpherson

W ith more than 30 years as a specialist in boys’ education, Ian Macpherson has seen first-hand the difference a boy-friendly approach has on maximising academic engagement and social and emotional development.

This was a key driver in further tailoring Medbury School’s sub-school structure to cater for the range of learning styles and emotional needs of boys at different ages throughout their primary journey. This structure works towards Medbury’s Mission to ‘Unlock Every Boy’s Potential’ and builds on the School’s exciting initiative with Swinburne University of Technology aimed at developing emotional intelligence (EI) via the
Aristotle-EI programme.

According to Mr Macpherson, helping boys to gain a better understanding of themselves and others; build resilience; and master skills, which help them tackle greater obstacles and ask more ‘why’ questions; are key milestones to achieving academic success and wellbeing. ‘Our passion at Medbury is to unlock the potential of every boy. It is why we exist – to understand each boy’s opportunities and challenges, then personalise an education which encourages him to strive to be the very best he can be,’ Mr Macpherson said.

Medbury boys are challenged in a supportive way, which adds to their resolve and resilience, and provides a long and successful list of traits from which they can draw upon.

The focus is on the ‘whole boy’, and small class sizes enable teachers to deliver a personalised learning programme, ensuring that every boy has the support, extension and encouragement he needs to discover and develop his particular strengths.

Medbury also aims to help boys develop as confident individuals, focusing on a range of personal attributes, such as organisation, confidence, independence and relationships with others.

‘Boys learn differently to girls and the school’s learning programmes are all focused on a boy’s way of learning, providing him with a structured environment, with competition, boundaries and an opportunity to succeed,’ explains Mr Macpherson.

‘Friendships, values and a quiet self-confidence that comes with sound preparation will provide an invaluable foundation for his journey ahead.

‘When a Medbury boy leaves for secondary school, he will leave us a well-rounded individual; a motivated and independent learner; and a critical thinker with high self-esteem, who reacts to others and the changing world around him, with confidence and good grace.

‘Selecting a school to meet your high expectations and your son’s needs is important. I would like to invite you to Medbury to show you first-hand what sets our school apart as an exceptional Australasian preparatory school.’

Head Boy

Henry Hiatt

I feel very proud to attend Medbury, it is truly an amazing school for boys.

I started my journey at Medbury as a Year 5 student. From day one I was offered experiences that I could not have imagined before coming to Medbury. Being able to lead from the front wearing a prefects tie has been a goal since my first day.

At Medbury the mission is to ‘Unlock Every Boy’s Potential’. I have learnt during my time at Medbury that this means allowing Medbury boys to be involved in a wide range of subjects and extra-curricular activities, as we all have different interests and needs. These include Drama, Technology, Sport, Music, Digital Technologies, Art, Kapa Haka, Future Problem Solving, Languages, Science and many more. We have amazing specialist teachers and coaches together with rooms customised for specialist lessons. This helps every boy achieve, and be the best that they can be.

As Medbury boys, we work hard to live up to the Medbury values and our school motto, ‘Play the Game’ at all times.

This year I am looking forward to leading the school with our Year 8 Leadership Group. I am also looking forward to the North Island Sports Tour, all of our sports exchanges, the Year 8 production, Year 8 camp and presenting my end of year speech at Prize-giving. 

At a Glance

+ Medbury School is the only independent boys’ school in Christchurch offering an education for both dayboys and boarders from Years 1 to 8. Medbury offers a traditional education, encompassing the Medbury values of manners and respect, and its vision is to provide an education which prepares boys for life in the 21st-century.

+ The school’s academic programme is balanced by a pastoral focus on emotional intelligence and wellbeing and a diverse range of extra-curricular activities.

+ Medbury School enjoys a strong reputation as a progressive preparatory school for boys locally, nationally and internationally. The school has at its core, an engaging family feel, which extends both within and beyond the school gate.

+ As the school prepares for its centenary in 2023, it continues to balance the strong traditions it has established throughout the past 97 years, with innovation in teaching and learning, as it strives to be one of Australasia’s leading preparatory schools.

Nelson College

Acting Headmaster – Tim Tucker

Nelson College is unique in many ways. Not only are we New Zealand’s oldest state secondary school, but we are also one of the few schools in a regional city that offers a comprehensive boarding package.

Nelson College Boarding is a mainstay of our school; with our two heritage boarding houses on campus, set against the backdrop of the Grampians Reserve. In the last few years, these buildings have had a complete refurbishment, so that the facilities are now amongst the best in the country. We have a strong focus on creating a welcoming family environment for our students from around New Zealand and the world.

Nelson College’s academic results are consistently above national average rates for boys. This is due to our teaching approaches and courses catering for boys and their style of learning, as well as the school’s attitude of self-review and improvement. Within our boarding community, we provide tutor support for their studies throughout the year. Every boy at Nelson College is encouraged to develop a solid work ethic, alongside valuing themselves and others through respect, inclusiveness and generosity.

Nelson College’s well-rounded learning environment offers courses in arts, drama, music, technology and community as well as our high-level sporting and leadership programmes. Our established sports academies provide programmes for both individual and team activities and continue to meet success at a national level.

We actively encourage our students to pursue their interests, with weekly school assemblies celebrating their achievements. Our Board of Trustee Medallions are awarded to students who win a national or international competition, or who represent New Zealand in a national team. In 2019, there were more than 50 medallions with a truly inspiring variety of accomplishments, ranging from mountain biking, rowing, jujitsu, rugby and underwater hockey through to business enterprise, Future Problem Solving and orchestral composition.

I am incredibly proud to be Acting Headmaster of this dynamic and innovative secondary school. At Nelson College, we work hard to create a supportive and vibrant community across every aspect of school life, where every student can experience a true sense of belonging. At its core, our college has a robust and positive school culture, where every boy is valued and respected. We equip our students to display manaakitanga, make the most of diverse opportunities, pursue their passions and be resilient in their quest for excellence.

Head Boy

Liam Brennan

Nelson College Head Boy Liam Brennan

Having been voted in by my fellow peers and students, it is surreal to have the opportunity to be Head Boy of Nelson College for 2020, especially as I have always held the previous head students in such high regard.

As I begin my journey in this role, I can already see the intimidatingly varied potential for what I might accomplish. To represent, to empower, to influence, to inspire; these are but four things I hope to achieve. Playing a part in aiding our ‘young men to take their place in the world’, as per the school’s motto, will be personally rewarding. And that is where Nelson College thrives.

It’s not just me, or the talented leadership team standing with me, who are the only ones with the ability to help. The College’s mentoring programme encourages this impact on a one-to-one basis. Year 13 mentors with a high diversity of personalities and backgrounds together are matched with Year 9 mentees who are just as astonishingly different.

To have a chance to lead is exciting; to have a chance to be humbled by hundreds of boys’ talent, sacrifice and hard work is an honour. I have no doubt that this final year of high school will sculpt the rest of my life for the better.

At A Glance

+ Young men taking their place in the world
+ More than 160 years as one of New Zealand’s leading secondary schools for boys
+ Two fully renovated boarding houses set on the edge of the school campus
+ Mix of New Zealand and International students
+ Strong emphasis on whānau both within the boarding and broader school community
+ Tutor support for academic studies throughout the year
+ Close access to a wide range of outdoor adventure activities including mountain biking, kayaking, skiing and tramping, as well as numerous cultural festivals throughout the year
+ High-level academic, sporting and leadership programmes
+ Actively encourage students to pursue their interests, taking pride in recognising and celebrating their achievements with the Board of Trustee Medallions
+ Nelson College upholds the principles of manaakitanga, equipping all our students to make the most of diverse opportunities, pursue their passions and be resilient in their quest for excellence

Selwyn House School

Principal – Dr Lyn Bird

In a world of accelerating change, it is essential that girls develop an abundance mindset in order to focus on the right things and actions in life. Alongside this, we provide all girls with the latest technological tools and programmes within a highly stimulating environment within which to collaboratively innovate and develop solutions.

A vital ingredient of a Selwyn House education is the International Baccalaureate, Primary Years Programme (PYP). The PYP is recognised globally as a future-focused curriculum based on intercultural understanding and respect. In effect, the PYP Learner Profile attributes we develop in students embody those needed to not only be a successful future global citizen of the world but also a leader.

Expert teaching in Literacy, Mathematics and Science is complemented by transdisciplinary inquiries and rich tasks, which allow high levels of application, creativity and problem-solving. The development of these skills combined with crucial interpersonal skills, such as self-regulation, curiosity, creativity and tolerance, enable Selwyn House girls to become confident, empathetic and informed individuals eager to take their part in the world. Learning is further enhanced by the valuable role that our specialist teachers in Mechatronics, AI, Robotics, Performing Arts, Music, Physical Education, Sports, Visual Arts and Spanish offer in daily learning.

Small class sizes ensure learning is personalised, and teachers build strong connections with each child. Students learn to take control of their learning, they know themselves as learners, can self-regulate, and develop self-efficacy – all life-long learning skills.
We believe every girl has leadership potential and can grow leadership skills in order to serve in leadership roles within the school and as buddy role models to younger students. The importance of leadership is furthermore emphasised during the unique and comprehensive leadership programme undertaken throughout Year 8. The leadership programme provides opportunities for involvement in practical, real-life actions which develop and strengthen leadership skills.

Selwyn House School proudly encourages students to:

• ask questions and develop strong critical thinking strategies
• analyse complex concepts, work collaboratively and be adaptable
• be creative, motivated and determined
• understand the arts and humanities and their interconnections to the STEAM disciplines
• have a strong sense of empathy for others, be a confident leader and persist when facing challenges.

Boarding House Manager

Diane McClure

Selwyn House School Boarding House Manager Diane Mcclure

Selwyn House School is proud to offer a safe, nurturing, family-orientated boarding house that caters for 25 students in Years 3 to 8 (ages 7–13). The Somers Cox Boarding House is located conveniently on campus.

Girls who board on campus live in a positive and caring environment which seamlessly aligns with the values of the International Baccalaureate, Primary Years Programme (PYP). Continued support is provided by a caring and professional team who remain focused on helping each girl reach her full potential both socially and academically.

Boarding provides extra opportunities to develop social and life skills. When living with others, many chances arise to practise empathetic understanding, co-operation, patience, respect and responsibility.

The sense of community is strong within the boarding house. Girls from New Zealand and various international locations share their lives, learning from one another, and forging lasting friendships. Each girl’s own special character and the wonderful attributes brought to the boarding community is embraced. The boarding house is honoured to be a second home for our students.

Boarding offers seamless integration of academic, cultural, extracurricular and each girl’s social life. To learn more about the dynamic boarding community at Selwyn House School please contact the Enrolment Coordinator and schedule a visit.

Key Dates

Open Day
Monday 11 May
9 am – 12 noon

Senior Showcase
Wednesday 13 May
6.30 pm – 7.30 pm

Scholarship Deadline
Friday 15 May
4 pm

Orientation Day
Wednesday 11 November

St Andrew’s College


Our 2020 Strategic Vision, ‘Framing our Future’, is determining our priorities for the coming year. Central to all that we do is our purpose, ‘Together, building better people for life’. We are strongly committed to the holistic development of our students, through classroom learning, and encouraging their participation in the many sporting and cultural activities, spiritual and service commitments, and social activities on offer at the College.

By taking this multi-dimensional approach, we are able to support our students to build their individual characters alongside a growth mindset for learning. Alongside their studies, students are able to explore their passions, whether these lie on the sports field, or in activities such as Drama, Dance, Music, Robotics, Theatresports, Outdoor Education, and so much more.

Well-being and Positive Education are a key focus at St Andrew’s College. We are in our fourth year of implementing a Whole School Well-being Strategy, which nurtures and supports our teachers to value their talents and character strengths, as they develop self-knowledge and self-efficacy. This enables them to become role models of resilience and well-being to our students, who undertake a full programme of well-being strategies. During this programme, students develop a broad set of character strengths, virtues and competencies, in addition to cultivating their intellectual minds.

For more than a century, our founding values of Truth, Excellence 
and Faith have underpinned life at 
St Andrew’s College. Last year, two new values, Creativity and Inclusivity, were introduced, with our values underpinned by six strategic priorities. A significant focus of 2020 is to live these values every day, and to identify them in action.

We also continue to invest significantly in our campus, with a new purpose-built Fitness Centre and the Ben Gough Family Theatre being developed to complement our already outstanding facilities. Both projects will be completed by the end of Term 1 2022.
Existing facilities include our state-of-the-art boarding houses, which provide a comfortable, supportive environment, and genuine home away from home for our boarders.

Preparing students for life beyond secondary school is a significant focus at St Andrew’s College, which is neatly summed up in our vision statement, ‘To be at the leading edge of high performance educational practice, in a community which values caring for others, tradition, and creativity, in order to provide young people with the roots and wings to flourish in an ever-changing world’.

Heads of College

Hugh Montgomery & Emily Tyrrell

St Andrew's College Heads Of College Hugh Montgomery and Emily Tyrrell

The new prefect group at St Andrew’s College, led by Head Girl Emily Tyrrell and Head Boy Hugh Montgomery, have come up with a clever theme, ‘2020 Vision’, as their guiding principle for the year. ‘The idea is a play on having 20/20 vision, which means we are able to see clearly. With this in mind, we are encouraging students to find clarity within their goals, their values, and within themselves, as they approach the year ahead,’ says Hugh.

Emily says the leadership team is challenging students to be clear about the values of the College, as well as their own personal values. ‘If we are consistently living by our values, then we are being true to who we are, which helps us to feel more secure in tough situations.’

As a young Samoan man, the cultural diversity and inclusiveness of life at St Andrew’s, ‘where everyone is accepted’ is something Hugh appreciates, along with the many sporting opportunities on offer, given he is a talented young sportsman.

Emily has a strong cultural background, particularly in Dance and Orchestra, and says the opportunities for students to explore their passions at St Andrew’s are ‘incredible’.

These positive young role models are looking forward to building on the solid leadership foundation already in place at the College, and to be known as approachable, relatable leaders.

Scholarships at St Andrew’s

Students with exceptional abilities who receive academic, sport and music scholarships at St Andrew’s College are well supported to reach their potential, in an environment with a recognised culture of excellence, top class facilities, outstanding teachers, and a diverse academic and co-curricular programme.

Students from St Andrew’s consistently achieve outstanding academic success, while in sporting pursuits, individuals and teams from the College have won multiple South Island and national titles in recent years. St Andrew’s is also renowned for its cultural activities, including its musical theatre productions, music programme and Ballet Academy.

Scholarships are also available for the College’s exceptional Pipe Band, which was second in the Juvenile section at the World Pipe Band Championships in 2018.

A Positive Education and Well-being programme guides all students at the College to not only cultivate their intellectual minds, but to also develop a broad set of character strengths, virtues and competencies.

St Margaret’s College

Executive Principal – Diana Patchett

As we enter our 110th year, it remains the intention at St Margaret’s College to realise the next generation of young women with the courage to embrace change, the confidence to lead, the desire to learn and the drive to make a positive impact on the world.

Our academic results are among the best in New Zealand and are nothing short of extraordinary, and this is a testament to the investment our teachers make in every girl to be the best she can be. Yet, let us be judged by what our girls do with this education, that our alumni are women making a positive contribution to the world.

We take great pride in knowing each girl, in discovering the gifts she brings and working together to fan the flames of her passions as she moves through the school. Our students are offered opportunities to test themselves with new experiences, and are encouraged to follow the path that plays to their individual strengths.

Our broad academic, cultural and sports offerings ensure girls have the opportunity to discover a range of subjects and co-curricular pursuits. And while we will maintain our strong academic focus to ensure students realise their post-school aspirations, education in this age of change is as much about character as content, and the confidence to know what to do when you don’t know what to do.

Purposeful attention to fostering the skills and attributes that have afforded generations of young people the toolkit to flourish in even the most uncertain of times is key. Knowing and playing to your strengths, being an open-minded and flexible thinker, having confidence in your own abilities, practising well-developed interpersonal and collaborative skills to be able to work well with others, and perhaps most importantly, understanding our responsibilities to a sustainable future – these will continue to be invaluable life skills for our young people.

To that end, in 2020, St Margaret’s College looks forward to embedding our recently adopted Sustainability Charter as a compass for ethical, responsible decision making and behaviour. Guided by the four pillars of economic, environmental, cultural and social sustainability, the Charter has aligned our community behind a common goal to meet the needs and aspirations of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations of all living things to meet their needs and aspirations.

At the heart of it all, St Margaret’s College continues to be a family that values each girl for the gifts and talents she brings, that provides a safe place for her to take on new challenges and empowers her to live and lead.

Head Girl

Rosie Milne

With 2020 being the start of a new decade and the 110th birthday of St Margaret’s College, I am truly honoured to have been appointed as Head Girl. Spreading plenty of kindness and positivity is my main goal and key to helping the girls reach their full potential. 

Alongside Deputy Head Girl Hattie Compton-Moen, we aim to continue to make the school an environment where everyone feels welcome and girls are comfortable being themselves. With this year’s school theme of ‘She’s My Champion’, we have created a three-step guide to becoming an SMC ‘Champion’. It highlights the importance of being yourself while upholding the seven values of championship – respect, kindness, bravery, curiosity, inclusivity, spirit, and pride. Often we find ourselves honouring the destination of a ‘Champion’, however it is the journey to becoming a ‘Champion’ that is equally as important. 

Our motto attached to the theme is ‘Her success is my success and our success’. It is crucial that we celebrate each other’s successes and can be genuinely proud of one other. Through this we will also strengthen the big sister-little sister relationship that we pride ourselves on at SMC.

We have an incredible team of prefects this year and as a whole Year 13 group we will lead the school by being role models and upholding the championship values. I know 2020 is going to be a fantastic year! 

The SMC Difference

+ The only girls’ school in the South Island to offer the dual academic pathway of NCEA and the International Baccalaureate Diploma, providing the best possible preparation for life beyond St Margaret’s for every girl.
+ Unique Middle School structure of Years 7 to 10 with specialist teachers and the broad range of experiences and support it offers including The Rite Journey, a year-long education programme designed to support the development of self-aware, responsible and resilient young adults.
+ Consistent academic excellence in both NCEA and International Baccalaureate with success celebrated at every level, whatever success looks like for each girl.
+ A strong focus on service, sustainability and the development of charitable relationships to encourage philanthropy, empathy and global awareness throughout the school community.
+ Home-from-home boarding school offering academic, social and co-curricular opportunities for regional New Zealand families.

Timaru Boys’ High School

Rector – David Thorp

Teaching was a very left field choice for me. However, it is a choice that I have never regretted, not even for a moment.

I grew up in Oamaru and attended Waitaki Boys’ High School where there was a real emphasis on sport and cultural activities and I made lifelong friendships. I enjoyed my academic classes, especially English. However, the 1970s were a different time and I never gave any thought to further study – jobs were plentiful and well-paying, and I left at the end of Form 6 for a career in the railways.

One thing that stayed with me after I left school was that I liked to read. Years later, in my thirties, I decided to follow my love of novels and attempt a BA at Canterbury University. I was late to education but it had a profound effect on me. It was a revelation and a testament to the transformative power of education.

Higher education doesn’t make you a better person and it’s not for everyone, but for some people, like me, it can instil a sense of purpose. My new love of learning quickly propelled me towards a career in education. As a teacher, I love that moment when a student finally gets some difficult concept. Even if they are never going to carry on with an academic life, this moment is a thing of beauty that can change lives. It makes young people feel that they are part of that wider world of curiosity and wonder. I finally felt that at 35 – I want all students to feel it while they are still at school.

At Timaru Boys’ High, we know that boys will engage with learning when they have a positive working relationship with their teachers. We aim to provide a supportive and nurturing environment so that all students can reach their full potential. At TBHS, boys have a huge range of extra-curricular opportunities to choose from, and we are convinced that these positive experiences lead to improved academic and wellbeing outcomes.

Boys who come to our school instantly feel part of a warm and open community, but they are encouraged to retain their unique identity as an individual. My own educational journey was interrupted by an inability to see beyond my immediate horizon. As a Rector, it is my job to ensure that our students never suffer from such blinkered vision. At Timaru Boys’ we want every student to follow the educational pathway that best suits their dreams and abilities, and we want to help them develop into happy, positive and purposeful young men.

Head Boy

Joshua Earnshaw

Timaru Boys High School Head Boy Joshua Earnshaw

In 2016, as a new student at Timaru Boys’ High School, I was amazed at the overwhelming abundance of opportunities available to an enthusiastic person like myself. TBHS has been, and continues to be, a never-ending network of doors waiting to be opened by those bold enough.

I am honoured and excited to be Head Boy of Timaru Boys’ High School for 2020. I plan to make the most of my leadership position by providing vision and support for my fellow students, particularly in areas I am passionate about, such as sustainability, art and sports. I want to promote happiness and success in students and to inspire the strong 2020 Prefect team to join me in leaving a lasting impact on the 
school community to which we owe so much.

Timaru Boys’ High School has a unique environment which encourages growth in all aspects of a boy’s education. The 2020 student body stands on the shoulders of those who have forged the way during the rich 140-year history of the school. My peers and I have slowly grown to appreciate the importance of pushing ourselves to make the most of the wealth of support we receive, as we have developed into young men during our time at Timaru Boys’. We truly do stand on the shoulders of giants. 

At A Glance

+ TBHS provides a range of pathways to enable each boy to follow their abilities and aspirations.

+ Our staff place the utmost importance on building meaningful relationships with students. We are convinced that this is vital for a boy’s engagement, achievement and character development.

+ Thomas House, our boarding hostel, provides a caring, extended family environment, where boys feel supported in every aspect of their lives.

Timaru Girls’ High School

Principal – Deb Hales

I would imagine that very few jobs are as dynamic, interesting, rewarding and challenging as working in a busy secondary state school! It is our aim at Timaru Girls’ High School for every girl to experience success at high school. That means different things for different students. Strong relationships between our teachers and students are a key factor in helping our girls realise their potential. When a student feels respected and supported by her teachers, doors open up for authentic learning to take place.

We pride ourselves on really knowing each individual girl and being receptive and flexible with how we can best meet her needs. Young people are wonderfully complex beings! Involving them in the conversations about their own progress and development is crucial. In this day and age, it is important for young women to develop a strong sense of resilience and confidence. Part of our job as educators, I believe, is to instil in the girls a strong sense of self-belief and to help guide them as they navigate obstacles and challenges in their lives.

Academic achievement is important. Success academically, provides a platform for the girls to have increased career opportunities later on in life. For a student to be truly successful, however, she needs to also ‘achieve’ in other areas of school life. Learning to handle stressful situations, developing strong interpersonal skills, appreciating and respecting diversity, understanding the value and importance of being kind to people, building resilience, challenging oneself – these are all equally important skills to have and learn as one moves through high school.

Whether it be through the Arts (performing and visual), the Sporting arena, the Cultural realm, or the Academic field, we encourage all of our girls to celebrate their own, and others’ successes. In an environment where it is cool to achieve, young people will push themselves. In an environment where successes are regularly celebrated, young people will thrive. In an environment where everyone is accepted and respected for who they are, despite their differences, young people will learn and grow.

At Timaru Girls’ High School, we value and promote the concept of a strong community. Everyone has a part to play in helping the Timaru Girls’ High Family to be the healthiest family that it can be. Standards need to be high. People will rise to high standards.

Head of the School

Krisitie Goodsir

Timaru Girls High School Head Of The School Krisitie Goodsir

I started my high school journey as a timid little Year 9 student, but Timaru Girls’ High has nurtured and pushed me to learn more and experience more. This has led me to grow in confidence, and leadership, both of which have let me believe in the possibility of being Head Girl for 2020.

Here I am now, proud and honoured to have this role at such an amazing school. High school is a character-defining experience you can use to shape and develop yourself as a human. 

For me, I love the arts and am readily involved with it. I chose to be where most would dread – performing. At the time it was terrifying, but I can see now how rewarding it was as you gradually start to feel your confidence and creativity build up while making really good friends along the way. 

I am super excited for the year ahead, with new opportunities and being able to represent my school. I hope to inspire and encourage girls this year to try new things and get involved to make it unforgettable. 

It’s sad to say that I am nearly at the end of my high school journey. It has been the most incredible experience and I’m grateful for all Timaru Girls’ High has blessed me with.

Timaru Girls’ High Waiata

He Kura Aroha 
(our school of Love)
He Kura Wairua 
(our school of Spirit)
He Kura Matauranga e 
(our school that celebrates knowledge)
Pupurutia Mai, Kia mau, Kia ita 
(hold on tight to those values, 
and stand strong)
Te Matauranga, o te Ao 
(and the world is yours)

Waihi School

Headmaster – Allan Short

Allan Short is an experienced leader in boys’ education and has worked across state and independent schools both in New Zealand and the UK. This is his ninth year as Headmaster of New Zealand’s southernmost Independent School, Waihi, in South Canterbury, and his passion for boys’ education, both inside and outside of the classroom, shines through. Together with his wife Kendra, who is an independent LMC midwife, and their four school-aged children, the Short family love their time at Waihi. Family is the word that probably best describes the Waihi community and with the majority of teaching staff and their children living onsite too, it really does create a unique environment for the boys to work, develop and play.

Allan says, ‘Waihi’s reputation as a school where every boy can find, explore and develop their talents has been well earned over many generations. The sense of adventure, kindness and service, shared by Waihians young and old, also reflects the school’s founding values and core ethos.

‘The wellbeing of our boys is central to all we do. Our staff focus first on building relationships with each individual. We discuss the importance of areas such as “mental health”, “resilience”, “gratitude” and “grit” in order to develop character traits that promote the growth of our boys into fine young men.’

At Waihi, staff certainly live by the mantra of ‘We believe in boys’ as their outdoor education and STEM initiatives highlight. Allan says, ‘The boys love the challenges created by STEM, which includes science problem-solving; coding and engineering. Outside they participate in team-building, bush craft, individual and group challenges on land and water, encouraging hands-on opportunities to take responsible risks, embrace their physical and kinaesthetic learning tendencies, and to get very dirty in the process!’

So whether it is cricket or chess, robotics or rock bands, drama or digital technologies, the Waihi boys seem to punch above their weight and do everything with smiles on their faces, and they have the unerring ability to see the world as a glass-half-full kind of place each and every day.

Head Boy

Liam Ross

Waihi School Head Boy Liam Ross

My name is Liam Ross and I’m Head Boy at Waihi for 2020. I am from Duntroon in the Waitaki Valley and started as a Year 6 boarder in Term 4 of 2018. I came to Waihi so that I could have everything at my back doorstep. I have two sisters that weren’t always keen to throw a rugby ball around or be batted to all day!

At Pyne House there is always someone who is keen to get out in the nets or kick a ball around. I’ve been involved in a lot of things during my time at Waihi. One of my favourite trips was the Wellington tour where I was in the 1st XV rugby team and choir. To be part of the 1st XV rugby team as a Year 7 was a challenge but was a real learning experience and one that I won’t forget.

Music has been important to me at Waihi and being on the stage is nerve-racking but rewarding. I’ve learnt how to play the side drums as well as continuing learning guitar and singing. This year having the opportunity to perform in a rock band will be new and exciting.
Waihi for me means friendship, pride and striving to be better. I’m looking forward to my final year and all the amazing opportunities that are ahead of me.

At a Glance

Founded in 1907, Waihi is an independent boys’ school for Years 4–8. As specialists in boys’
education, we understand the unique ways in which boys learn and grow.
The Waihi boy climbs trees, competes in bull-rush and chess, experiments in the science classroom, creates with robotics and the arts, and enjoys spending time at the local river. The benefits of a Waihi education include:

+ A school curriculum specifically designed for boys, including outdoor education.
+ A modern purpose-built boarding facility with a family atmosphere.
+ A full weekend boarding programme.
+ An outstanding record of academic, sporting and cultural success.
+ Small class sizes with a focus on personalised, inquiry-based learning.
+ A daily routine that includes classroom learning, STEM, a multitude of sporting options, music lessons, arts programme, practical woodwork and supervised prep.
+ All meals are provided for boarding and day students.
+ Daily buses run from Ashburton, Geraldine, Pleasant Point and Timaru.

We welcome you to visit and see the Waihi boys in action.